Biological Dentistry

Mouth-Body Connection & Microscopic Health Screenings

The Mouth-Body Connection is becoming a greater realization with time. Science is telling us today that the health of the mouth is dramatically affecting your overall systemic health. At Virginia Dental Group PLLC our doctors and registered dental hygienists s how the rest of your body is affected by what is going on in your mouth.

Bacteria in your mouth are linked to an increase risk in heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, pre-term low birth-weight babies, and erectile dysfunction. We now know these gram-negative pathogens not only increase your risk of cardiovascular disease but directly cause it. By eliminating these bacteria from your mouth you can decrease the amount of inflammation in your gums and the rest of your body. You cannot eliminate them if you do not know if they even exist. At Virginia Dental Group PLLC we use state of the art microscopy to instantly determine if these harmful bacteria exist, determine your risk levels for acquiring them, and verify they have been eliminated after treatment. Sometimes the cure can be as simple as adjusting your homecare routine. There is no charge for this service.

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